‘I’m 49 and I’ve had a heart attack’

‘I’m 49 and I’ve had a heart attack’ that’s a phrase that I never thought I would utter.

But I have and I did.

I’ve spent the last 9 days in The Royal Oldham Hospital having come into A&E with chest pains. I’ve been there ever since.

I’m fine now having had an angiogram and ultimately having a stent put into one of the arteries in my heart but it’s been a hell of a week and hopefully I should be discharged later today.

This isn’t a post looking for sympathy. Far from it, I actually feel a lot better now than I have for sometime. It is post to ask you to stop and think. It is a post to ask you to act.

Heart attacks aren’t the exclusive domain of the elderly or the frail. They aren’t limited to those who smoke or drink too much or those who are overweight.

They can be caused by high blood pressure, high cholesterol and stress.

And how many of us even know what our blood pressure is or what our cholesterol levels are? I know I didn’t until this week.

So it’s simple really….

Go and get your blood pressure checked, make sure you know what your cholesterol is and then act on it. And for your sake and the sake of those that you love and love you, make sure you know what the signs of a heart attack are.

I wish I had.

Today is the first day of the next part of my life.

Published by

Graham Barnetson

Im a 49 year old man who had a heart attack and wasn't quite ready for it. ‘9 days in Oldham’ is my way of helping me to come to terms with what happened and also to share my journey with others so that hopefully just one person doesn’t have to go through what I and my family have gone through and continue to. I am married to Jackie and we have two children, Freya, who is a first year Physiotherapy undergraduate and Edward, who is preparing to take his GCSEs. We live in Datchet, near Windsor in the U.K.

5 thoughts on “‘I’m 49 and I’ve had a heart attack’”

    1. I’ve never been too good at scaring myself, I’m still recovering from the Corkscrew at Alton Towers when I was 13 , but I agree with sentiment entirely Stuart. My outlook on life has certainly changed over the last few weeks.

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  1. well so much of this is so true, the way you have described what happens and the after affects. Lots to do for me to make it better had the stent (the wake up call) still not right but now i have to change the way I do things


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